【XM】VIP Affiliates Awarded at Our Space Show Dinner

· 经纪商新闻

In March 2023, we treated our VIP affiliates to an out-of-this world experience, with a luxurious Space Show Dinner, where we recognised and celebrated their extraordinary achievements!

The venue was transformed into an XM spaceship, taking our partners on a breathtaking virtual tour of Mars and Saturn. A gourmet dinner with a space-themed menu added to the experience, making it a night to remember. Live music filled the air, as attendees networked and celebrated, enjoying the evening and the good company.

The much-anticipated Appreciation Awards ceremony was a highlight of the event. It was a moment of pride, as we honoured every partner in attendance, and applauded their stellar performance, hard work, and dedication.

Thanks to all our affiliates who joined us for making it such an amazing event. We are grateful for their efforts and unwavering commitment, and we look forward to more opportunities to connect. The sky’s the limit when it comes to our mutual success!

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